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Animals scale 1:12

There is no self-respecting miniature dollhouse that does not have its 1:12 scale miniature pets in any corner of the house.

In addition, not only our dogs and cats at 1/12 scale, we also like to put many accessories for them to play and rest.

From beds, cans for food, food, any detail with our 1/12 pets will give a very loving touch to our Victorian doll house

Animals 1:12 scale for Victorian dollhouses


  • Pet accessories 1:12

    Because we not only like our 1:2 scale dolls to be surrounded by their adorable pets, we also want them not to lack for anything.

    We have accessories for your 1:12 animals to make them an important part of your miniature dioramas.

    From miniature meals and fluffy beds, to toys and bowls for your favorite 1:2 food. Create cute scenes with your favorite pets.

  • Dogs and cats 1:12

    Miniature dogs and cats 1:12 our favorite pets as a general rule. We like to have them in our 1:12 scale dioramas

    Friendly, affectionate, funny, they cannot be missing in the scenes of our 1/12 dollhouse in any scene.

    And even more so if we have the complete family of animals 1:!2, there is nothing cuter than a mother and hers her miniature puppies. And thus expand the family.

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