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Food and drink 1:12

Miniature food and drink scale 1:12 to complete the scenes of your dollhouses.

We have food made with uv resin and food miniatures handmade with polymer clay.

We also have a wide assortment of scale drinks for your 1;12 dolls to accompany these delicate food dishes.

Miniature food for your dollhouse 1:12 scale


  • Food scale 1:12

    Miniature food adds a special touch to any scene in our 1:12 scale dollhouse. at any time of the year.

    We have food made by hand at 1:12 scale of very realistic polymer clay and also an assortment made with resin.

    Choose which one you like for each occasion for your 1:12 scale diorama

  • 1:12 scale drink

    In our 1:!2 scale dollhouse, small details such as a bottle of cava for the most romantic scenes cannot be missing.

    The 1/12 miniature drink is also essential for 1:12 lunch and dinner dioramas, and even more so if it is for a celebration like Christmas or a birthday.

    The miniature bottles are the ideal complement to the daily life of our 1/12 scale dolls, and are as realistic as life-size ones, to make our scenes as authentic as possible.

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