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Crockery and kitchen utensils 1:12

Tableware and kitchen utensils 1:12 for the dioramas of your miniature dollhouses

We also have a section dedicated to 1:12 scale miniature food and miniature drink where you will find the ideal accessories for your table.

You will find for your 1/12 dioramas an assortment of handmade food accessories for your 1:12 scale dolls

Tableware, and miniature dishes for dollhouses 1:12 scale


  • Kitchenware 1:12

    As in real life in our 1:!2 scale dollhouse we not only need plates and glasses for our miniature kitchen.

    We have a range of highly realistic 1:12 kitchen accessories to complete your 1:12 dioramas and make them look like scenes from real life.

    From wooden boards to strainers, kneaders, dish racks, and a lot of things that cannot be missing in any miniature kitchen 1:!2

  • Tableware scale 1:12

    In our 1:12 scale dollhouse, a good assortment of miniature tableware cannot be missing, not only in the kitchen but also to dress our luxurious table.

    And it is that a good 1:12 diorama cooking, or a dinner with our dolls needs some beautiful miniature plates and glasses

    We like to take care of details, that is why it is so important to have a good assortment of 1:12 kitchen accessories for lunch or dinner, and luxury 1/12 tableware for special holidays such as miniature Christmas

  • Appliances 1:12

    Small appliances for our 1/12 dollhouse as real as those in our kitchen.

    And it is that these 1;12 miniatures are so perfect that they could pass for real accessories, and they are perfect to complete the decoration of our kitchen at 1;12 scale.

    They are also perfect for assembling 1/12 pastry dioramas or even if we want to assemble our own 1;12 miniature pastry shop or cafeteria.

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