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decoration 1:12

We have all kinds of decorative accessories for your 1:12 scale dollhouses, both handmade and imported.

We highlight our paintings and decorative woods made by hand to give a touch of distinction to your 1:12 scale dioramas

Our imported products have the best value for money on the market, be sure to visit our brands section.

decoration 1:12


  • Pictures and photos 1:12

    Framed paintings and photos by hand for your 1:12 dollhouses and your miniature dioramas

    We try to make both modern and Victorian style 1/12 scale paintings, always trying to make them as realistic as possible.

    We also make custom frames for 1:12 scale dioramas for children, modern, pop art, Victorian, vintage and retro

  • Ornaments 1:12

    The decoration is the most important part of the style of our 1:12 scale dollhouse.

    That is why we take so much care of it, every detail is important in our 1:12 scale dioramas, thus creating our own style of decoration.

    From the classic Victorian miniature decoration, to dollhouses with more current and modern styles. You just have to choose your style

  • wooden signs 1:12

    Small decorative details mounted on wood for your 1:12 scale miniature dollhouse

    We have for all rooms and for all styles of miniature houses.

    We also have them to decorate your 1:12 scale dioramas on designated dates of the year, giving them a special touch.

  • candles 1:12

    1:12 or 1:6 scale miniature real wick candles

  • custom furniture

    custom furniture

  • Jewelry 1:12

    Jewelry 1:12

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