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perfumes 1:12

Luxury miniature perfumes for your 1:12 scale dolls is one of our flagship products.

These 1:12 miniatures are handmade with top quality materials, to give a luxurious atmosphere to the dresser of your miniature dollhouses.

They are exclusive designs of the size of your 1/12 dioramas that we never repeat, so your favorite dolls will have completely personalized items.

perfumes 1:12


  • Toilet perfumes 1:12
  • Perfume displays 1:12

    Modern, retro or Victorian. In any corner of your 1:12 miniature dollhouse they will give it a touch of class

    These 1:!2 miniature perfume displays are ideal if you want to build your perfumery diorama to scale.

    And if not, on top of the dresser they will be the delight of your dolls 1:12

  • Perfumes with box 1:12

    The perfumes give a touch of distinction to any corner of our 1:12 scale miniature dollhouse.

    In addition, with its matching box, they give a more romantic touch to any scale dresser for your 1:12 dioramas

    We have them in Victorian, retro or modern design, choose the one you like best.

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