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Appointed dates 1:6

Accessories to celebrate with your 1:6 scale dolls all the festivities of the year.

Appointed dates 1:6


  • Christmas 1:6

    Handmade accessories to decorate all the rooms of your 1:6 dolls for Christmas

    From boxes with balls for the miniature Christmas tree, to Christmas sweets and desserts for your 1/6 diorama, playscale

    Leave no corner undecorated this year with our assortment of 1:6 CHRISTMAS miniatures

  • Halloween 1:6

    Orange, lilac and black. For Halloween we turn our 1:6 scale dioramas into horror houses for our Barbies.

    We have miniature Halloween props that can be used year-round if you have a witch or magic room.

    1:6 scale potions and spells. Candy jars and horror paintings for your Blythes.

  • Easter 1:6

    At Easter it's time to fill our 1:6 scale houses with chocolate, decorative or shiny eggs

    Also miniature Easter baskets for your Dioramas 1:6 with eggs and flowers in bright colors.

    Special selection of shabby chic miniature decorative eggs that will be the center of attention for your 1:6 scale dolls

  • Valentine 1:6

    To set a special atmosphere in your 1:6 Valentine dioramas, decorate your miniature dollhouses with our selection of 1:6 printables

    We have a complete assortment, from letters and cakes, miniature playscale bags, and even postcard displays for your scale store.

    This February 14, make a special decoration for your 1:6 scale dolls with our handmade paintings.

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