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1:6 decoration

Decorative objects are the basis of our 1:6 scale dioramas and our 1:6 miniature dollhouses

With decorative accessories we give the personal touch and choose the style we like, Victorian, modern, retro, Gothic, etc.

You will surely find in our section of 1:6 decoration items the one that best suits your Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, Bjd, Steffi Love, Poppy Parker.

Accessories and decoration for 1:6 scale dolls. Barbie.Blythe.Pullip


  • Figures and Ornaments 1:6

    Undoubtedly the accessories and miniature decorative figures are the main base of our 1:6 scale dioramas.

    Depending on the 1:6 scale accessories that we choose for our dolls, we will be creating our own style of miniature decoration.

    Modern, retro, Victorian, vintage, there's a world of options when it comes to decorating our 1:6 scale dollhouses.

  • Clothing and textile 1:6

    Without a doubt, miniature clothes, fabrics, 1:6 scale rugs, cushions and pillows for our 30 cm 1/6 dolls are a vital part of the decoration.

    As in real life, by changing the fabrics of our 1:6 dioramas we effortlessly renew the entire decoration, giving it a new look.

    And you can't miss small 1/6 or playscale miniature clothes that will give life to our scenes as in inhabited miniature dollhouses.

  • Letreros de madera 1:6

    1:6 scale woods with high resolution images that six can be used both to hang on the wall of your playscale dollhouse or to simply leave you decorating the floor.

    They are perfect for decorating any space in your 1:6 diorama and we have several sizes and styles so you can choose depending on the playscale miniature decoration you like.

    In addition, the wood is hand-painted to match so that the final result is perfect. We also have wood sets in case you want to combine them in your 1:6 scale scenes

  • 1:6 lighting
  • witches and magic 1:6
  • Faberge eggs

    Faberge eggs

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