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Clothing and textile 1:6

Without a doubt, miniature clothes, fabrics, 1:6 scale rugs, cushions and pillows for our 30 cm 1/6 dolls are a vital part of the decoration.

As in real life, by changing the fabrics of our 1:6 dioramas we effortlessly renew the entire decoration, giving it a new look.

And you can't miss small 1/6 or playscale miniature clothes that will give life to our scenes as in inhabited miniature dollhouses.

Cushions and rugs for 30 cm dolls. 1/6 scale. Playscale.


  • Carpets 1:6

    Each room in our 1:6 scale dollhouse deserves its own 1/6 miniature rug according to the style of our decoration.

    We also like to change the 1:6 mats on special dates like Christmas.

    And of course, the rugs are made of different materials depending on the miniature room of our 1:6 diorama. The 1:6 bathroom rug is not the same as the scale dining room or children's room.

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