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  • Downloadable Products

    Printables for 1:6 scale dolls, Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, Bjd, Fashion royalty, poppy parker.

    From barbie books, miniature design boxes, scale decorated boxes, book covers for your dolls.

    All set for you to download instantly.

  • Stationery 1:6

    The 1:6 scale stationery accessories are not only used for the 1:6 scale dioramas of our dolls' offices, they are used to decorate any corner of the house

    From postcards for special dates, 1:6 miniature folders with images to decorate any table, or rolls of 1:6 wrapping paper.

    Choose the style of your 1:6 miniature decoration and give a different touch to your 1:6 diorama. Victorian, retro, shabby chic, modern, steamuk, gothic.

  • flowers and plants

    Las flores y las plantase in miniatura is a very important part of our dioramas scaled 1:6 para nuestras muñecas.

    Ya sea como decoración, que quedan bien en cualquier rincón, si no para montar escenas en miniatura de nuestras fechas señaladas.

    A que muñeca no le gusta un buen ramo de rosas o una planta en el salón. Te ofrecemos un surtido de flores escala 1:6 para que puedas escoger

  • 1:6 decoration

    Decorative objects are the basis of our 1:6 scale dioramas and our 1:6 miniature dollhouses

    With decorative accessories we give the personal touch and choose the style we like, Victorian, modern, retro, Gothic, etc.

    You will surely find in our section of 1:6 decoration items the one that best suits your Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, Bjd, Steffi Love, Poppy Parker.

  • Pictures and photos 1:6

    Hand-framed paintings and photos for your 1:6 dolls and your barbie dioramas

    We try to make both modern and Victorian style paintings, always trying to make them as realistic as possible.

    We also make custom frames for children's 1:6 scale dioramas, modern, pop art, Victorian, vintage and retro

  • Tableware and kitchen...

    Tableware and kitchen utensils 1:6 for the dioramas of your 30 cm dolls.

    We also have a section dedicated to 1:6 scale miniature food and playscale miniature drink where you will find the ideal accessories for your table.

    You will find for your 1/6 dioramas an assortment of handmade food accessories for your 1:6 scale dolls.

  • candles 1:6

    Details matter! Liven up your interior with our selection of home accessories.

  • food and drink 1:6

    Miniature food and drink 1:6 scale to complete the scenes of your dollhouses.

    We have food made with uv resin and food miniatures made by hand with polymer clay.

    We also have a wide assortment of scale drinks for your 1/6 or playscale dolls to accompany these delicate plates of food.

  • Haberdashery and...

    Surely your 1:6 scale dollhouse has a sewing room or a corner for miniature dolls to do their work.

    We have 1:6 button cards presented on pretty cards, as well as miniature buttons and buckles, if you're into sewing.

    Of course, the classic sewing room items from our 1:6 diorama, such as sewing machines, irons, etc.

  • Toilet perfumes 1:6

    Luxury miniature perfumes for your 1:6 scale dolls is one of our flagship products.

    These miniatures are handmade with top quality materials, to give a luxurious atmosphere to your miniature dolls' dressing table.

    They are exclusive playscale designs that we never repeat, so your Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, will have completely personalized items.

  • Appointed dates 1:6

    Accessories to celebrate with your 1:6 scale dolls all the festivities of the year.

  • toys 1:6

    Miniature toys for your 1:6 scale dolls. Barbie, Blyte, Pullip, Fashion royalty, Steffi Love, Bjd.

    And it is that an adorable miniature teddy bear looks good in any scene of our 1/6 scale dioramas or in our children's room.

    Very realistic replicas of playscale toys, which will fill the house of our favorite 1:6 dolls with life, or for their daughters or little sisters.

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