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  • Gardening 1:12

    We not only like to decorate our 1:12 dollhouse, we also like to have our miniature garden outside, or our 1::12 scale greenhouse

    That's why we have a selection of items to decorate the outside of our 1:!2 doll dioramas, from landscaping to street lamps and hedges.

    We also have related 1:!2 dollhouse printables, such as miniature seed packets so that no detail is missing from our scenes.

  • Plants and flowers 1:12

    Miniature flowers and plants are a very important part of our 1:12 scale dioramas for our dolls.

    Whether as decoration, which look good in any corner, if not to mount miniature scenes 1/12 of our designated dates.

    What doll does not like a good bouquet of roses or a plant in the living room. We offer you an assortment of 1:12 scale flowers so you can choose

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